Race with the devil

Donnerstag, 17. März 2011

New apron installed

A new apron seems to be necessary because the edges of the old one were rotten away by rust

New oil hoses for molly

Today i installed some brand new full metal coated oil hoses under my bug to mount the cooler back to the front for lower temperatures .After more than 4 hours hard work the new system was installed and tested by tightness .The engine is running very lovely at the test drive with over 4500rpm full throtle gas over 10 km.The temperatur is 25 C Celsius colder than it was mounted in the back oft he car .It seems tob e very fine fort he upcomming hot summer days .now Molly is a high performance car developed with the experience from friend all over the world ,who shared their features to me.
A special thanks to Alex´Jesus´  from London sharing his features with his bus for this problems.

Montag, 14. März 2011

Fram HP 1 with CSP cnc machined mounting

Today i received mollys filter system to add it to the full flow cooling system.It works fine and tight instead of the old taiwan product in the past .Tomorrow the also new rear apron will be installed.