Race with the devil

Sonntag, 25. Juli 2010

The bugshow in spa 2010

The event was very nice ,the mainevent of the year and the best ever.Here the highlights of the show.

Bug show 2010

We finished the bugshow allready saturday evening because the best things we´ve allready seen and we won´t drive back in the oncoming rain tomorrow.Here is the first video of dragracing with ab bad black oval .so more posts tomorrow now i have to go to bed after a long drive.

Mittwoch, 21. Juli 2010

Once in alivetime.....

One day i wanna have my own biturbo dragcar and feed all their mouth with shit.upcoming a 2276 rayjay biturbo

Sonntag, 18. Juli 2010

1000% Safety for the oilcooling system

When such a damage appears ,also when it´s my fault the safety is expect on first stage .So i pruduced 3 fenders for the coolers and the tube system which were mounted under the car .No you can ram a rock without any damage.The system has been proved by pressure and is tight as well.

This weekend we were in Bad König by SLF

It was a small but quiet nice meeting,but the way back turned into a nightmare for molly .By the way back one of the oiltubes were scratched and leaking oil ,as i stopped i make sure that this damage connot been repaired at once ,so the drip ended by the ADAC.A fucking end of a beautiful day,The damage is now repaired as well for beeing a good drive to spa next friday we decided also t change te generator into a new one as well.Molly you are very expensive.But i realized that a bug is a membership of the family that accindently live in the garage.

Dienstag, 13. Juli 2010

Nearly 2 years are gone ,since molly opened her eyes since 34 years

Loaded on the trailer for the way in a new better life ,i take all my ressolution together taking her on my side to follow me by my side a life long.

At the evening of the 17.09.2008 she was brought to the garage of vintage wagenwerks to be restored as a powerful car back in life after the long decay.

It took only to the date of the 21.10.2008 till she woke up and said thanks to me for her new life.
Today she ist absolutely depandable an cute ,all people love her and were enthused of her
 I am very very proud of building this lovely car all my experience and know how made this dream come true that all people love so much.No one said that she were a ugly car.might be that she is a sexy girl!!!!
Surely the most powerful vw bug in my home ghetto.She´s areal streetfighter pushing every golf into the lanes.
She is 56 years old and quiet more powerful than every moment before.


That is my opinion an it´s the right

When she is ill ,money is not an issue for taking her to careness
She is also here for remembering mom and dad for eternally,mom died tragedly in 1999 loved the beetles so much so i decided to build her an monument for her live that my parents spent every moment for my care,that build was my guilty for this self abandoment.Cars can brought back to live ever ,humans never that is the sadness of life.

MOM ,DAD you were every in moment in my heart ,my whole live long