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Freitag, 22. Juli 2011

Gene Berg mainfold porting and installation

MY friend Tom delivered me these fine worked Gene Berg mainfolds casted with 356 aluminium added with boron and titanium ,heat treated to T6 strength and are the strongest mainfolds ever brought to a vw,Thick material for extreme porting works wthout welding .A great engeneering of these mainfolds bring the advise that not even the length is important .These are the best flowing mainfolds you can buy short with an extreme angle to the heads will allow the right efficient flowing even on high rpm too.

So the installation began with some porting works to recieve the right diameter for the 48 carburators and also port the walls in the right angle to the ported diameter of the intake.6 hours of work for both mainfolds.After that the carburators installed to the mainfolds and checked the fitting on the heads .Even these have to customized too.

After 12 hours of work is started the engine and sychroniced the engine with a sync master and fixed the lever linkage to the right length .The first test drive showed that one mainfold will not 100 % air tight to the head ,i removed it in the garage and had to make more place between the fan shroud and the airfilter ,a new gasket and the carb back on top everything was fixed and you can feel now the resume of my porting work on the road .The engine runs very lovely like never before,extreme agressive on the pedal and revs easy to over 5000 rpm.Well done._Now i am ready with modifying this engine after 2 years of developing and working.

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