Race with the devil

Donnerstag, 18. November 2010

My first tuned engine build by my best friend major Axel Weiss

This was my first tuned engine a 1678cc with pauter 308 camshaft ,polished carillo rods ,street eliminator heads extreme ported and 40 Weber idf with 34 venturies ,double valve springs and 42 /  37 valves ,running with 107 HP at 7400rpm ,the engine was build by my best friend in 1996 Mr major axel weiss (us air force).He died one year later in a tragedly car crash.After driving this car ,the plans to restore and modify did never end in my old garage,the engine was stolen by some bad guys and the welded body of the car was sold in 2004.I left the garage in 2006 .

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