Race with the devil

Sonntag, 15. Juli 2012

Käfertreffen Mühlheim 14.7.2012

It was a very spectacular weekend .About a half year ago i decide to start with dragracing again after 15 years of stop racing .all plans were perfectly ,did many modifications to get a good result and a strong engine.But it came at worse it can be friday the service wagon was loaded with all race parts and tools for racing ,in the morning at work i realized that i could not walk very well .
So i decide to give up my plans and went to the doctor .Ipulled out everything of the car and had a very sad day.

On saturday all went to be healed no one knows how i couldn´t walk so i took the stinger in the trunk of molly and drove to the racing ground .My opinion went to be positive for racing so we drove four full throttle runs with the best ET. of 10.02s finished total with 3rd place in 2 liter class .I am very very proud of winning the trophy for the 3 rd place no one have thaught of this good result without using slicks.

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