Race with the devil

Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2012

We drive for Kendra 2013

Yes it is true ,we decided to support the lttle Kendra .Molly will race to give her the support she needs .Kendra is a 7 year old girl that was affected in oxygen deficiency during her birth .Now she is suffered by spastic palsy .So she cannot speak or control her whole body .She needs a very expensive delphin therapy that no health insurance will pay for to gain rehabilitation.We became attended to her at my comeback race on 14th of july in 2012 ,as Stefan Alberth and Frank Bertram from http://kraftkaefer.de/kendra/index.html became our friends .I also tried bobbycar race for the first time with a wheel chair to support kendra .It was a funny thing doing that!!!! So our race car will be issued on many shows in 2013 and we will race at DDD#11 in the end of september at bitburg airport .
All costs for the race and orginasation like hotel ,trailer maybe hotel for our supporting friends will be paid by our own of course .
It will be a great honour for vintage wagenwerks racing to support the little kendra.If you want to support her too go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/263490137011102/ .

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